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Custom Flash Games

Our award winning Flash game designers have created many custom Flash games over the years; Educational Games, RPGs, Shooters, Sims, Arcade Games, just to name a few. We can create just about any custom game you have in mind.

How can you be sure we are the right team to hire? Remember back when every convenience store had a kid in the corner playing a video game? Well, that was US! We have been playing them since the day they were first invented, so of course we would would be drawn to developing them when we got older. At PC-Limited, you not only get experienced game programmers, but you also get game experts! We know what makes a game fun and we know how to challenge the players.

If you are looking for a gaming expert to create your new game, then look no further! Contact us today to get started!

Winner of the Promethius Award!

Winner of the Prometheus Award for Innovation in Education from the Technology Association of IA, April 2010!

We are the developers of this popular interactive online learning system - now used in schools, districts and interactive white-board companies nationwide. StarrMatica Learning Systems 3-6 consists of over 450 individual learning exercises, slides, games and tests. This system has a member area for the teachers and parents to evaluate the student's progress.

Custom Flash 3D FPS Game


This custom 3D First Person Shooter was designed to promote the rock band, Zombie! This gruesome game has tons of custom 3D models, 3 levels of play, music from the band & more!
Award Winning Flash Games

StarrMatica K-2

SMK2 is the 2nd phase of the above mentioned award winning software. It has over 300 learning exercises, games & tests. It is integrated into the same member system as the 3-6 version.
Custom Flash RPG Game

Great Hogmanay Adventure

This isometric RPG game sports 70 custom screens consisting of 4 towns and a central castle. Our hero must solve in-game puzzles and fight fierce foes to get to his final destination.